Since 2021, we have worked with Wildhive from concept to opening and beyond, to support them with website, digital marketing, and their digital guest experience.


This ‘back to nature’ luxury hotel wanted to excite its guests with a digital-first, seamless booking experience that matched its status as one of the UK’s finest hotels. In addition, they wanted a deeper understanding of guests’ booking behaviour - whether they were staying overnight or simply visiting.


With such a variety of accommodation, wellbeing choices and a popular restaurant, we needed to ensure guests could easily navigate all options. From here, the next step was to allow guests to simply curate an online booking that best suited their needs. The digital marketing strategy aligned leveraging brand equity, offering focussed campaigns, geo-targeted to effectively channel ad spend for stays, dining and wellness.


Room revenue
+ 26 %
Basket abandonments
- 52 %
+ 22 %

Driving direct business

A natural approach

With so much on offer, our strategy required a holistic approach. Building an audience online that was fully engaged with the Wildhive brand would enable effective targeting and use of ad spend. In addition to the reach campaigns, we initiated a dynamic content approach to their paid social and programmatic advertising campaigns. This allowed us to improve ad performance by switching messaging and updating creative assets to improve performance and reduce creative ad fatigue.


Joining the dots online

Our website team had been involved throughout the initial stages to fully understand the Wildhive ethos, as this was imperative to run through the design approach. The principles of the onsite experience had to be balanced with conversion. Our Paid and Creative teams worked together to make the digital ads and website connect. We formed verbal and visual narratives that had subtle variants throughout the journey.


The full picture

Room revenue has surged by 26%, and the conversion rate surpasses industry norms, reducing abandoned basket rates by an impressive 52%. The Wildhive team wanted to understand their guests and optimise the experience for them, but also for their team.

The real-time extended analytics dashboard uncovered weekends and Mondays are Wildhive's peak-booking days (22% of revenue), mainly between 7pm - 9pm. But with the ecommerce platform, they could give the same experience as during staffed hours, and an improved digital booking experience meant positive results for staff's work-life balance.

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