Stratton House


Stratton House is a family-owned country house hotel nestled in the Cotswolds, home to classic bedrooms, seasonal dining experiences, and an award-winning spa. They reached out to us to help them overcome operational challenges in their spa, and improve customer experience. To address these issues, the spa implemented Journey’s experience management system and ecommerce platform.


Before adopting the experience management system and ecommerce platform, the spa encountered a fair few challenges. The reception team faced a high volume of phone calls and emails for booking appointments, resulting in overwhelmed staff and frustrated clients. The limited reception area made it difficult to handle inquiries promptly, leading to missed opportunities and unhappy guests. Additionally, managing bookings, voicemails, and emails in a manual process proved cumbersome, which also affected overall customer satisfaction.


Since Stratton House has implemented Journey's experience management system and ecommerce platform, the results have been outstanding. The streamlined booking process alleviated pressure on the reception team, and the ecommerce platform significantly enhanced the overall customer experience.

They’ve received a 64% increase in weekly revenue since the ecommerce platform's launch, accompanied by a 32% rise in average transaction value. 48% of online orders include multiple items, and mobile traffic constituted 75% of all online traffic, underscoring the success of the mobile-friendly approach.


Transaction value
+ 32 %
Direct revenue
+ 64 %
+ 48 %
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