Luxury Family Hotels


Keen to foster real brand traction, Luxury Family Hotels came to us to create a single-domain website for all four of their hotels. We worked with them to create a stronger emotional connection to their audience and bring their ethos to life online.


The user experience was to be the biggest challenge - creating a clear structure that was simple to navigate and balanced narrative with conversion. The content and SEO strategy was imperative to sustain rankings and visibility.


We started by auditing the experiences on offer at each hotel and crafting the content architecture for the site. The website was created to offer a consistent look and feel, presenting information clearly and targeted to the audience. Throughout the focus was on developing a platform fit for a growing family.


Family matters

The website adopted a refined and paired-back aesthetic, letting the playfulness of the content and imagery shine through. Fun animations of the motifs, relaxed tones and clear styling were key to unlocking the full potential of the brand. The user journey was outlined with users in mind, and information was presented in the right way.

Mobile first, flexibility second

Recognising that a majority of their customers use mobile devices, we adopted a mobile-first design strategy. Each module was optimised for mobile use before scaling up. Once integrated into the CMS, these modules offer exceptional flexibility, allowing for effortless drag-and-drop page creation so that the content could be tailored per property, while keeping consistency.

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