Farnham Estate


Farnham Estate, a luxury spa and golf resort in Cavan, Ireland, has successfully enhanced its guest experience and operational efficiency through the integration of Journey's ecommerce platform and experience management system. Set in 1,300 acres, Farnham Estate offers 158 rooms, a state-of-the-art spa with 19 treatment rooms, and a variety of outdoor activities, creating an idyllic retreat for guests.


Before implementing Journey's systems, Farnham Estate faced several challenges. Without the right systems in place bookings, including spa treatments, were handled manually via phone and email, leading to missed calls, delayed responses, and limited booking hours. This booking process placed an operational strain on the staff, making it difficult to focus on enhancing the guest experience during their stay. Their previous system didn’t provide detailed reports, making it difficult to strategise and make informed decisions about treatment offerings, stock management, and staff productivity.



Since implementing the new systems, Farnham Estate has seen a significant increase in online bookings, with 25% of all bookings now coming through the ecommerce platform. Mobile transactions have also surged, with 85% of sessions and 70% of transactions made via mobile devices. The ability to book treatments and services online at any time has led to higher guest satisfaction. Plus, the reduction in manual booking tasks has allowed staff to focus more on in-person guest interactions, improving the overall guest experience.

Bookings made on the ecommerce platform
25 %
Mobile traffic
85 %
Mobile bookings
70 %

Don’t take our word for it

““I would highly recommend Journey’s ecommerce platform. And the reason is that it’s an all-in-one platform. We use it alongside the EMS and it has made our lives here exceptionally better.””
Review by Clodagh Price Group Sales Manager, Farnham Estate
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